AllEat Special: A Royal Birthday

As Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday approaches on June 8th, it’s an exciting day ahead as the nation celebrates the birthday of the sixth-longest-reigning British Monarch, when she surpassed her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria. With 66 years as Queen, we’ve all got to admit what the Her Majesty’ The Queen’s diet consists of, and what her day-to-day food intake looks like.
As the Queen’s birthday slowly creeps up on our calendar, we at All Eat have found what the daily diet consists of, so if you’re attempting to replicate this, you could also live like royalty.


Prior to breakfast, the Queen starts her busy day off right – Earl Grey tea (without milk or sugar!) and a handful of biscuits. Afterwards, roll on breakfast. This would typically consists of cereal with fruit which Special K, with the Queen taking a liking to have her cereal served in a Tupperware, as it helps to keep it fresh.
At other times, the Queen will opt for toast and marmalade (I don’t blame her, it really is that delicious) which, in my opinion, helps to kick start the morning off right with a naturally sweet boost. Alternatively, Elizabeth has also taken a liking to scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and truffle – if that were me, it’d feel like Sunday brunch everyday (not complaining, though).

Before lunch, the Queen enjoys the odd sip of a glass of gin and Dubonnet (sweet wine-based aperitif), accompanied by ice with a lemon garnish to top it off – sounds great, really.
As far as lunch goes, the Queen has two options: either grilled Dover sole along with wilted spinach or courgettes, whilst the latter option being a simple, yet delicious grilled chicken with salad. The ‘no starch’ rule applies here, and this translates to the elimination of potatoes, rice, or even pasta.

Afternoon Tea
Iconic. The fact that the Queen will make no exception and have Afternoon Tea incorporated in her daily schedule regardless of what’s happening in the world is the definition of Queen. In it, includes fingers sandwiches such as smoked salmon, cucumber, egg and mayonnaise as well as jam pennies (yum). Along with these, choices offered also include tea biscuits, scones and cakes.

This is where we see the Royal Family’s culinary prowess in action. Brace yourselves. For dinner, the Queen enjoys fillets of beef or venison, pheasant or salmon come from farms in Sandringham and Balmoral. Served in a mushroom, cream and whiskey sauce, the Queen also enjoys a typically well-made Sunday roast, when served well done.

But most importantly, the Queen enjoys a glass of Champagne to call it a day and honestly, I admire that.

In celebration of the Queen’s birthday on June 8th, we have included the daily food intake for the Queen’s schedule. However, that’s not to say it’s completely accurate nor updated, but it’s a particularly interesting insight into the dietary intake of that of the Queen’s. If you’re an avid fan of the Royal Family or the Queen in particular and you’d like to slightly replicate the daily food intake,

All Eat is your best choice in doing so, with most if not all of the foods mentioned above being directly available for you to consume. It’s simple and easy, just download our app on either Google Play or Appstore and enjoy exclusive discounts up to 50% off for takeaways near you.

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AllEat Special: National Best Friend’s Day 2019

Best friends come in so many different forms in our lives, that the meaning in itself is hard to congest it to one single relationship only. A best friend could be your parent, sibling, partner, a colleague, teacher or even your pet. Best friends help you through moments you need them the most, are there for you in countless ways and truthfully speaking, it’s always nice to have someone by your side through good moments and bad. It’s especially through the bad ones that you realise and truly comprehend what role that person now plays in your life.

It’s refreshing to see someone in such a different light after you’ve gone through moments or even hardship in life with that having them by your side is truly a blessing. In celebration of National Best Friend’s Day 2019, this post is dedicated to the best friends in your life that have always been there for you. We’re not always grateful for their presence in our lives (in fact, we often overlook this!), so look at this post as a source of reflection or even inspiration to do something nice for your best friend, particularly if they’re a foodie (like me).

At the end of the day, we must be thankful to those people who have helped us along in our own individual journey through life, and more often than not, we can’t do it without the help, love and constant support from best friends.

Whether they’re halfway around the world or next door, show some love by ordering them their favourite takeaway because, whatever it is that they love eating, we at All Eat can promise that we’ll have it here. With exclusive discounts up to 50% off, we’ll let you treat your best friend without breaking the bank (keep it between us, though!)

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All Eat Special: 2019 Champions League Final

June 1st 2019– mark this date. In Spain, Madrid is going to be hosting the 2019 UEFA Champions League Final at Atletico Madrid’s own, the Wanda Metropolitano stadium with a capacity of 63,500 people tonight at 8:00pm BST. The long awaited final match between the Premier League’s best will include Tottenham Hotspur against their northern counterparts, Liverpool. Let’s put things in perspective: here at All Eat we’re excited about tonight’s match because the last time Liverpool won the Champions League was in Istanbul in 2005 against AC Milan, being 3-0 in the first half with a remarkable second half that injected a dose of inspiration in the Scouse team as each goal was scored. However, let’s not forget Liverpool’s defeat against Real Madrid last year, which was devastating to watch (even if you’re not a Liverpool fan). Nevertheless, although football is the main topic for this blog, I will also include the best takeaways that go with this annual iconic event:

This is standard football snack. It’s not only timeless, but also an unspoken agreement between you and your mates if you’re watching it at home. While you’re at it, why not go all out and upgrade it to a stuffed crust, with all that cheese melting inside as you’re finishing a slice of pizza. Think of it this way – it’s like a (good) surprise for finishing the whole pizza slice. So go on, upgrade it.

Chicken wings for the win! If you’re into the fiery and spicy grilled chicken wings with an incredible aroma that will leave its mark on your palate for a while, then this is for you. With countless options for chicken wings available, we’re sure All Eat will leave you browsing with countless options. Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of spicy, a good recommendation would be chicken wings glazed with BBQ, with a slow-cooked finish that will leave you thinking you just came back from the States. Also, if you want to make the footy even further worthwhile, try adding either mozzarella sticks or event better, cheddar croquettes – this makes for a powerful combo.

If you’re a Liverpool fan and feel reminiscent, perhaps even nostalgic, about the 2005 UEFA Champions League, then Turkish cuisine is probably your best bet. Chances are, with such good memories of Shevchenko missing the critical penalty that cost AC Milan. Tragic. Regardless, a good lamb or chicken kebab might reignite that fire that we once witnessed in 2005 and, hopefully, there’s dessert this time.

If you’re craving American food, then this one’s for you. With numerous options available, here at All Eat we’ve got it covered for you. With a wide range of burgers (seriously, look it up), there’s more than enough choice to cater for different tastes and preferences and that’s also for you vegetarians (No, we haven’t forgotten about you).

Chinese cuisine
Whether you’re celebrating football, a promotion, your birthday or just life itself, there’s never a wrong occasion to treat yourself to a cheeky Chinese. With so many different dishes available, you can ensure you’ll find something to fit with your taste buds. With today’s weather and tonight’s game in mind, a honey-glazed roast pork sounds fab – I’m in.

In preparation of tonight’s event, it can be quite difficult to choose a cuisine to go with the build-up (and expectations!) to live up to the Final. However, that’s not a bad sign, as here at All Eat, we have a wide array of choices available for you. So, put on your jersey and watch the epic final tonight while we do all the work for you.

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5 reasons to takeaway on a (tedious) Thursday

Spring bank holiday yesterday. You know what that means – three-day weekend for the win. Yet, here we are sitting, once again, in our offices after a blissful weekend with the sun out (and maybe a fruity cider in one hand?). With that being said, I’m sure we can comment on behalf of the nation that we don’t feel like cooking. Seems like a hassle, having to go to the supermarket, chopping up the ingredients, cooking them and finally having to wash the dirty plates at the end – not tonight.

Here’s us, AllEat, attempting to convince you that you should go ahead and order your favourite food tonight:

1. Hassle-free
With our 3-in-1 AllEat app, we offer customers three different distinct services, of which include Food collection, delivery, and table booking. Whether you feel like ordering in, or going on a (well-deserved) dinner date, make it easier for you and book your special occasion with us! Just put in your location details, browse through thousands of selections of restaurants in your local area, and click ‘Order’ – simple.

2. Fresh ingredients = Quality Food
At AllEat, we pride ourselves on quality. With that being said, it’s imperative for us to provide you with the best quality of food, with an array of selection of restaurants and cuisines to choose from, whilst promising you the lowest price – best of both worlds?

3. Best Hangover Prevention Solution
Let’s not kid ourselves, I’m sure we Brits didn’t make good use of the weekend by drinking tea the whole time. Whilst there are some ‘solutions’ to cure your hangover, ordering in your favourite food tonight seems incredibly tempting, doesn’t it? If your hangover still hasn’t let you go, why not order something to help remedy that? Hint: Pizza.

4. Comfort, Comfort, Comfort.
Picture this: You’re at home, glass of wine in one hand, remote control in the other. You’re binge watching your favourite series, and the last thing you want to do? Cook.
So, instead of missing out on your favourite series, just bring up the AllEat app and get ordering while you sit back and soak up all the drama.

5. Fast, Affordable & Convenient
The typical notion regarding takeaway apps are that they’re expensive for whatever food we pay. However, it shouldn’t be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be. That’s why AllEat is the perfect duo when it comes to takeaway apps. Unlike others, we pride ourselves in competitive prices and speed, helping to ensure that your food arrives at your doorstep, sizzling hot.

Whether you’re too cozy’d up in your own sofa catching up on your favourite shows, or simply don’t feel like cooking, we at AllEat we got you covered. With discounts up to 50% OFF, rest assured you can enjoy your favourite foods at the convenience of your own home, without breaking the bank.

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A British Chinese love affair: London Edition

Chinese cuisine as we know today has gone through substantial changes in tastes and methods over the past few decades. With the introduction of Chinese cuisine in Britain as early as the 1600s as a result of the Anglo-China trade, understandably, the tastes and varieties of Chinese cuisine in a British context has been refined to suit the Western palate, but nonetheless, it is the traditional Chinese cooking methods and flavours that have captivated the nation’s endless love for Chinese Cuisine.

In 1880s, London’s first Chinatown was established in the Docks surrounding Limehouse area in East London, where many Chinese sailors settled there. At this point, Chinese cuisine was very much still a novelty (if you can even refer it as that), so understandably, British people had little to no knowledge (and future potential and prowess) of Chinese cuisine. However, it wasn’t until the International Health Exhibition in 1884 that Chinese cuisine was widely introduced to the British public. In fact, in 1908, the first recorded opening of a formal Chinese restaurant was located in Piccadilly Circus where, shockingly, was named ‘The Chinese Restaurant’ – fair enough.

It wasn’t until 1951 that there had been more introduction, commercially speaking, of different regional dishes from China into the London restaurant scene in Soho. This was regarded as a risky move, particularly when the British didn’t have much knowledge of the Chinese cuisine in itself, let alone specific regional dishes like Fujian and Sichuan.

Following the swinging 1960s, a cultural shift within British society has meant that Londoners were less reluctant and more willing to experiment Chinese cuisine, with the introduction of Western-style three-course meals in order to accommodate local needs whilst using the time efficiently. By the 1970s, however, the term ‘Hong Kong Style’ had emerged, describing Cantonese cuisine that integrated exotic or expensive ingredients with Western catering.

As previously mentioned, Chinese cuisine has gone through exponential changes in tastes over the decades, favouring Western palates over traditional ones to accommodate local needs; With the gradual introduction of regional dishes like Hunan-style and Dongbei-style among others overtime, Chinese cuisine has evolved backward in British society, in that it started by accommodating local needs and slowly going back to its original roots.

Today, we can see endless types of Chinese cuisine in London that boast other Asian restaurants which, collectively, have made Chinatown what it is today – an iconic ethnic enclave. At AllEat, we have every type of Chinese cuisine to cater to your needs, with an abundant choice of various types of Chinese cuisine near you.

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