Chinese New Year! – 春节

Chinese New Year, otherwise known as Spring Festival  春节 is almost here, marking the beginning of the Lunar cycle, with 春节 (chūn jié) and the start of Spring. Let’s embrace the traditions! Celebrate with us with a mouth-watering Chinese Takeaway from All Eat App!

All around the world Chinese New Year is celebrated far and wide by people of all nationalities and backgrounds, celebrating in unity the good fortune of the past year and ensuring for a lucky year to come.

Massively centered around spending time and sharing love with family and friends, Chinese New Year is about enjoying and embracing each other’s company, be that through simple greetings, laughing, dancing and indulging in an amazing banquet meal.

It’s seen as important to keep in touch with long distance relatives – even if it’s a call to wish a Happy and Lucky New Year! Often family and friends would meet up together and celebrate traditions by eating a big New Year dinner of beautifully prepared, delicious traditional food. It’s all about embracing love and relationships with your family and shared intentions of a wholesome, full life, as these aspects will increase prosperity, wealth and fullness.

The festivities don’t stop there! In Chinese tradition, luck is of the utmost importance! During Chinese New Year the elderly people within a community will gift sums of money to younger generations. The gift given by the elders is seen as passing on luck, longevity and health, in hope that the receiver will live a long, healthy life much like their elders!  Staying up late is common, laughing, dancing and having fun with their loved ones to celebrate the past and New Year. Fire works are also a massive part of Chinese New Year tradition, with huge displays being projected into the air throughout the festive period!

The house will be cleaned, freshening the home and ridding of all dust, representing a wish of a fresh start and putting away old things. All of these traditions have intentions of increasing one’s luck, setting up for a year of prosperity, wealth, fullness and love and long life among those that celebrate.

Food, a hugely important aspect of Chinese New Year  is prepared, cooked, served and eaten using traditional methods during Chinese New Year, eating specific types of Chinese food to enhance your chances of a great year to come.  You can order a Chinese Takeaway near me and celebrate the Chinese New Year with All Eat! Great discounts available, just search your postcode to reveal available takeaways near you!  

Here are certain types of food that are traditionally eaten during 春节 (New Year) Each has a purpose and intention of improving your life in one way or another:


Invented over 1,800 years ago, the dumpling has to be one of the most prolific forms of Chinese cuisine, and an extremely popular Chinese Takeaway dish. Often called ‘Jiaozi’ for the Chinese terminology of the changing of years, the symbolisation of the dumpling has ideas of wealth, as the traditional shape of a dumpling is the same shape of an Ancient Chinese Golden Igot (historically used as money). On Chinese New Year these are eaten in abundance. Chefs may hide coins in the Jiaozi and those lucky enough to find one are set to have the best luck and great wealth that coming year. Chinese Express Chinese takeaway in Addlestone does some fantastic Crispy Chinese Dumplings!

Spring Rolls

Another prolific Chinese Takeaway dish! Commonly the spring roll is eaten during the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival), to celebrate the coming of spring (clue’s in the name). They are hard shelled fried parcels filled with delicious meat or vegetables. Eat these by the truck load for a fresh start, and great wealth in the next coming months! New Taste Chinese Takeaway in Heanor does some beautiful Spring Rolls!

Sweet Rice Balls

Sweet Rice Balls (Tangyuan and Yuanxiao) are often eaten during the Chinese New Year, sharing this tradition with the Lantern (Yuanxiao) Festival. These Sweet Glutinous Rice Balls made from Rice powder, nuts, fruit and sugar are prepared into spherical shapes to represent fullness, completeness with intentions of family reunion.


Another lucky dish consumed during Chinese New Year is the Wonton. Massively popular dish globally, as a close runner up to the dumpling, the wonton is seen as a reflection of wealth and treasure and is eaten during the Spring Festival to symbolise fresh starts, and hopes of continued wealth and treasure for the coming year. You can get delicious crispy Wontons with sweet and sour sauce from Ickenham Rendezvous Chinese Takeaway in Uxbridge.

Chinese new year is a global tradition celebrated by the masses…How will you be celebrating as we enter the new Lunar cycle, will you be joining the Chinese in celebration of Spring Festival? Chinese Takeaway on the cards? If so, just eat your favourite Chinese cuisine and prepare for a lucky, prosperous year! Order now from All Eat App’s Specially selected merchants directly below!

New Taste Chinese Takeaway in Heanor – 7 Derby Road Heanor Derbyshire DE75 7QG

Ickenham Rendezvous Chinese Takeaway in Uxbridge –  95 High Road Uxbridge London UB10 8LB

Chinese Express Chinese Takeaway in Addlestone – 145 Station Road Addlestone Surrey KT15 2AT

Lucky Chan Oriental Gourmet Chinese Takeaway in Wandsworth – 110 Wandsworth High Street Wandsworth London SW18 4JP

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