Say Goodbye To Extortionate Commission Rates!

It’s no revelation that the new way for restaurants to boost their income and online presence is through new food takeaway platforms such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats. It makes sense, as established brands with millions of online global followers plus a clear outdoor public presence…why wouldn’t you use these takeaway outlets?

Something that doesn’t make sense is the amount that restaurants are being charged in commission rates to use these platforms, with some taking up to 35% of a restaurant’s orders. This just doesn’t sit well with us.

We present to you: All Eat, the alternative takeaway delivery service near you that you’ve been looking for. We strive to prioritize small businesses and their growth, firstly by charging only a small, initial sign up fee and a life-time zero commission deal, meaning you get to keep all the income made from your online orders, plus customers can avoid premium-free menus! Secondly, we will provide cutting edge marketing services to help your business grow as rapidly as possible.

It’s no secret that the way these Takeaway Delivery Giants make such high volumes of cash is through the commission and ‘hidden costs’ that they charge their restaurants. Here are some of their prices:

  • Just Eat charges up to 14% commission, along with a 50p service charge (per order).
  • Uber Eats, charges its restaurants a commission fee of up to 30% if they use their couriers, or 13% if the restaurant has its own drivers.
  • Deliveroo is no exception, charging its partnered restaurants the highest commission fee of up to 35%!

To put it bluntly, these platforms are taking up to 35% off the income made by the restaurants per order for their service! (If a restaurant was to make £300,000 in a year, these platforms could take up to £105,000 of their revenue in commission alone!)

Even though the benefits of being on one of these websites is clear, it just doesn’t seem fair for both restaurant owners to be paying such high percentages of their revenue.

The Amounting Pressure

One of the biggest sectors of the economy to be effected by the lock down restrictions posed on us back in March 2020 is the food industry: and more specifically the restaurant and takeaway industry. Businesses around the country and world have taken a massive plunge in income due to the initial and continued lock down, resulting in many ‘eat-in’ restaurant to be forced to either close, or start doing takeaway deliveries.

But for companies like Deliveroo, Just Eat or Uber Eats, this was music to their ears! With a record breaking amount of new restaurants signing up to these platforms in an attempt to weather the storm 2020 has imposed on the food industry, the growth has has been exponential. Just eat for example has seen a 44% rise in revenue this year. Uber eats is thriving too, with an order rate increase of 160%! 

For these platforms, their positions couldn’t be better. They act as an intermediary for restaurants and takeaway spots, with very little to do with the food itself, meaning their manufacture and maintenance costs are extremely low. They deal with complaints, but it’s hard to ignore the rise of heavily weighted negative reviews all over Google and respected websites from how complaints are dealt with, which is disheartening to see from such powerful, rich companies.

But what does it mean for your favourite restaurants?

It’s all well and good, as new restaurants can see their businesses grow with the traffic generated by these online platforms on a regular basis. But increasing concern has been highlighted by small businesses and journalists claiming that businesses small and large are being robbed and scammed by such high commission rates that businesses are forced to pay to be part of a delivery service that they depend on to keep them afloat, and in many cases, they go bust due to the high costs but lack of orders to justify it. They are being pushed into a corner by these huge companies and the ones who haven’t already been buried in the sand amongst all the other restaurants, particularly small, independent businesses are on tightropes and eventually be forced into bankruptcy if these commission rates were to go up any more.

The Ripple Effect

The problem with charging such high commission rates goes further than just the direct effect on a restaurant’s income. It also has a profound effect on the customers or users of these online takeaway platforms. Generally speaking, this is because of the ‘premium’ menus that are listed by restaurants as a result of them losing 30% of their online orders to commission rates. This decision to give customers higher priced menus is the ripple effect of these high commission rates, which doesn’t sit well with a lot of regular customers out there. It raises the question:

Why don’t I find an alternative service that can give me the lowest possible?!

Zero-Commission is Possible!

We present to you, All Eat! Striving to be the better dedicated alternative takeaway delivery service. Prioritizing the growth of our partnered restaurants from the moment they sign up by promising a lifetime ZERO-commission basis where restaurant merchants keep 100% of their income from their orders via All Eat.

We provide Google advertising, digital promotions, poster & menu designs and social media advertising all of which is taken care of by our dedicated marketing team, all inclusive with the initial set-up fee. Once you are signed up, we will provide you with a printer so that you’re set and ready to start taking orders! We aim to help small businesses grow with this mentality, charging a small initial sign-up fee and no hidden costs and a promise of lifetime ZERO-commission.

You can sign up your restaurant to All Eat today via

Download the app and place an takeaway delivery order via

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