International in One

As an immigrant myself, I’ve often found it difficult to enjoy the food I miss the most from home the same way I do here. It’s paradoxical.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the local food available here and the simplicity in finding traditional cuisines from other countries at the comfort of the capital. However, with so many people sharing the same origins as me, one would think there would be similar dishes (if not exactly the same) with slight variances available here in London as opposed to the authentic traditional food one finds at home.

However, it’s hard to replicate the flavours and the spices available at home, here. It’s in food where we find the consolation or even solace that we need, particularly in those days in which we miss home a little bit more. Food is what remains after all the tangible aspects of a culture disappears or remain too far to be tangible, ideas written down on a piece of paper that are transferred down to the youngest of a generation, doing so indefinitely until it’s either irrelevant or impossible to continue.

Food is a form of way to kill the unpleasantness that exists in both our hearts and our minds when we miss home a little too much – a temporary edible painkiller for homesickness, if you will. And it is also in food where we find the tastes and flavours we once knew, and use these to spark other dishes that might be subject to the creation of something completely new.

And that’s what we’re all about.  At All Eat, we aim to replicate your favourite dishes available at home to be made possible to eat here, so that during those days in which you particularly miss home a little more, we’ll be here for you with the dishes that warm up your soul the most.

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