AllEat Special: Father’s Day

“Dad, I’m hungry.”
“Hi hungry, I’m Dad”

We’ve all heard enough (more than enough!) of the lame dad jokes and frankly, it’s often inappropriately timed and tirelessly overused but we tolerate it because… well, it’d be weird if dads around the world didn’t attempt to make lame jokes all the time. And that’s why dads are so special; Just the mere attempt or even just the intention to try to entertain a particular situation at any given time proves just how much dads around the world have similarly hearts of gold, trying to make people smile. MVP.

In celebration of fathers and the uniquely important role they play in our lives (and the dadbod trend that is slowly becoming the norm for fathers worldwide), we’re dedicating this post to the dads that work tirelessly hard (both at home and at work) to keep their family and children happy, whilst also highlighting the importance of 16th June celebrating exactly that.

I’m sure a substantial number of dads like to be in charge of the grilling section in a BBQ wearing an apron that reads ‘Best dad in the world’ whilst wearing their favourite crocs with their slippers on, but for Father’s Day, why not let them relax and treat your dad to his favourite food in a convenient and hassle-free way?

It’s incredibly easy, simply download our app (either on Google Play or Appstore) to celebrate Father’s Day and order from countless restaurants and cuisines available because, ultimately, fathers can be lame when they want to, but they’ll always have your back and your best interest at heart.

Order now with All Eat.


Big love to Mr. Coutinho for always being an amazing and caring father but most importantly, my best friend! Love you, pai.

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