AllEat Restaurant Special: Ariel Open Kitchen

Ariel Open Kitchen is a local Chinese restaurant situated in Chorley, offering traditional authentic Chinese cuisine at affordable prices with abundant portions.

With fresh ingredients readily available to throw into the wok, you can expect abundant portions of high quality ingredients sourced from respected suppliers that’ll take you straight into a cultural culinary trip to China. If you require some guidance as to what to order (or if you’re just overwhelmed by the choice of food), then worry not.

According to Ariel Open Kitchen, popular dishes include:

Appetisers/Side Dishes:

Salt & pepper chicken

Sweet & sour chicken balls (in batter)

Main Dishes:

Special fried rice (containing prawns or shrimp)

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Chow Mein

These are the most popular dishes according to customers, however this are only a few dishes out of many that Ariel Open Kitchen serves, so if you’re in the local area don’t miss out on this great restaurant for some amazing authentic Chinese cuisine!

At All Eat, we absolutely adore the food that Ariel Open Kitchen offers. With exclusive discounts up to 50% OFF through our app (Google Play & Appstore), we can guarantee you amazing food at even better value.

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