AllEat Special: National Best Friend’s Day 2019

Best friends come in so many different forms in our lives, that the meaning in itself is hard to congest it to one single relationship only. A best friend could be your parent, sibling, partner, a colleague, teacher or even your pet. Best friends help you through moments you need them the most, are there for you in countless ways and truthfully speaking, it’s always nice to have someone by your side through good moments and bad. It’s especially through the bad ones that you realise and truly comprehend what role that person now plays in your life.

It’s refreshing to see someone in such a different light after you’ve gone through moments or even hardship in life with that having them by your side is truly a blessing. In celebration of National Best Friend’s Day 2019, this post is dedicated to the best friends in your life that have always been there for you. We’re not always grateful for their presence in our lives (in fact, we often overlook this!), so look at this post as a source of reflection or even inspiration to do something nice for your best friend, particularly if they’re a foodie (like me).

At the end of the day, we must be thankful to those people who have helped us along in our own individual journey through life, and more often than not, we can’t do it without the help, love and constant support from best friends.

Whether they’re halfway around the world or next door, show some love by ordering them their favourite takeaway because, whatever it is that they love eating, we at All Eat can promise that we’ll have it here. With exclusive discounts up to 50% off, we’ll let you treat your best friend without breaking the bank (keep it between us, though!)

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