All Eat Special: 2019 Champions League Final

June 1st 2019– mark this date. In Spain, Madrid is going to be hosting the 2019 UEFA Champions League Final at Atletico Madrid’s own, the Wanda Metropolitano stadium with a capacity of 63,500 people tonight at 8:00pm BST. The long awaited final match between the Premier League’s best will include Tottenham Hotspur against their northern counterparts, Liverpool. Let’s put things in perspective: here at All Eat we’re excited about tonight’s match because the last time Liverpool won the Champions League was in Istanbul in 2005 against AC Milan, being 3-0 in the first half with a remarkable second half that injected a dose of inspiration in the Scouse team as each goal was scored. However, let’s not forget Liverpool’s defeat against Real Madrid last year, which was devastating to watch (even if you’re not a Liverpool fan). Nevertheless, although football is the main topic for this blog, I will also include the best takeaways that go with this annual iconic event:

This is standard football snack. It’s not only timeless, but also an unspoken agreement between you and your mates if you’re watching it at home. While you’re at it, why not go all out and upgrade it to a stuffed crust, with all that cheese melting inside as you’re finishing a slice of pizza. Think of it this way – it’s like a (good) surprise for finishing the whole pizza slice. So go on, upgrade it.

Chicken wings for the win! If you’re into the fiery and spicy grilled chicken wings with an incredible aroma that will leave its mark on your palate for a while, then this is for you. With countless options for chicken wings available, we’re sure All Eat will leave you browsing with countless options. Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of spicy, a good recommendation would be chicken wings glazed with BBQ, with a slow-cooked finish that will leave you thinking you just came back from the States. Also, if you want to make the footy even further worthwhile, try adding either mozzarella sticks or event better, cheddar croquettes – this makes for a powerful combo.

If you’re a Liverpool fan and feel reminiscent, perhaps even nostalgic, about the 2005 UEFA Champions League, then Turkish cuisine is probably your best bet. Chances are, with such good memories of Shevchenko missing the critical penalty that cost AC Milan. Tragic. Regardless, a good lamb or chicken kebab might reignite that fire that we once witnessed in 2005 and, hopefully, there’s dessert this time.

If you’re craving American food, then this one’s for you. With numerous options available, here at All Eat we’ve got it covered for you. With a wide range of burgers (seriously, look it up), there’s more than enough choice to cater for different tastes and preferences and that’s also for you vegetarians (No, we haven’t forgotten about you).

Chinese cuisine
Whether you’re celebrating football, a promotion, your birthday or just life itself, there’s never a wrong occasion to treat yourself to a cheeky Chinese. With so many different dishes available, you can ensure you’ll find something to fit with your taste buds. With today’s weather and tonight’s game in mind, a honey-glazed roast pork sounds fab – I’m in.

In preparation of tonight’s event, it can be quite difficult to choose a cuisine to go with the build-up (and expectations!) to live up to the Final. However, that’s not a bad sign, as here at All Eat, we have a wide array of choices available for you. So, put on your jersey and watch the epic final tonight while we do all the work for you.

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