5 reasons to takeaway on a (tedious) Thursday

Spring bank holiday yesterday. You know what that means – three-day weekend for the win. Yet, here we are sitting, once again, in our offices after a blissful weekend with the sun out (and maybe a fruity cider in one hand?). With that being said, I’m sure we can comment on behalf of the nation that we don’t feel like cooking. Seems like a hassle, having to go to the supermarket, chopping up the ingredients, cooking them and finally having to wash the dirty plates at the end – not tonight.

Here’s us, AllEat, attempting to convince you that you should go ahead and order your favourite food tonight:

1. Hassle-free
With our 3-in-1 AllEat app, we offer customers three different distinct services, of which include Food collection, delivery, and table booking. Whether you feel like ordering in, or going on a (well-deserved) dinner date, make it easier for you and book your special occasion with us! Just put in your location details, browse through thousands of selections of restaurants in your local area, and click ‘Order’ – simple.

2. Fresh ingredients = Quality Food
At AllEat, we pride ourselves on quality. With that being said, it’s imperative for us to provide you with the best quality of food, with an array of selection of restaurants and cuisines to choose from, whilst promising you the lowest price – best of both worlds?

3. Best Hangover Prevention Solution
Let’s not kid ourselves, I’m sure we Brits didn’t make good use of the weekend by drinking tea the whole time. Whilst there are some ‘solutions’ to cure your hangover, ordering in your favourite food tonight seems incredibly tempting, doesn’t it? If your hangover still hasn’t let you go, why not order something to help remedy that? Hint: Pizza.

4. Comfort, Comfort, Comfort.
Picture this: You’re at home, glass of wine in one hand, remote control in the other. You’re binge watching your favourite series, and the last thing you want to do? Cook.
So, instead of missing out on your favourite series, just bring up the AllEat app and get ordering while you sit back and soak up all the drama.

5. Fast, Affordable & Convenient
The typical notion regarding takeaway apps are that they’re expensive for whatever food we pay. However, it shouldn’t be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be. That’s why AllEat is the perfect duo when it comes to takeaway apps. Unlike others, we pride ourselves in competitive prices and speed, helping to ensure that your food arrives at your doorstep, sizzling hot.

Whether you’re too cozy’d up in your own sofa catching up on your favourite shows, or simply don’t feel like cooking, we at AllEat we got you covered. With discounts up to 50% OFF, rest assured you can enjoy your favourite foods at the convenience of your own home, without breaking the bank.

Order now with All Eat


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