Healthy Takeaway: London Edition

Let’s face it: the most common reason we order a takeaway is to treat ourselves.

Sometimes, we return home from work and we feel tired, or we had a bad day, the last thing we want to do is to cook up a meal – from whipping out the chopping board to washing the plates at the end, let’s just say it’s a hassle.

However, people generally don’t often order themselves a takeaway just so they can eat a salad (unless you’re a professional athlete). Nevertheless, the point of ordering a takeaway is to treat yourself to either your favourite foods or to try something new (perhaps something more exotic for your taste buds?)

Whatever your reason for ordering a takeaway may be, for those of us trying to maintain a healthy diet (without breaking the bank, obviously), this post is for you; In it, I will be writing about choosing your favourite cuisines, and suggesting healthier options for you.

1. Thai takeaway
Thai food is an incredible mixture of various ingredients that most often than not, one of the main ingredients acting as the backbone of Thai cuisine could be the legendary fish sauce which is actually very healthy, as it contains the vital nutrients contained in fish and fish organs, enhanced by fermentation.

Other healthier alternatives could include:
– Tom Yum soup (hot and sour soup) which is known for fighting against colds

– Stir-fry meats (lean meat preferable) with vegetables for a strong nutritional dish

– Salads (i.e. Som Tum) can include different fruits like papaya and some nuts. Thai salads are refreshingly mouth-watering combining different flavours that’ll remind you of Phi Phi Islands (go on, Google it).

2. Indian takeaway
Some days we feel like having an Indian takeaway just for the pure infusion of herbs and spices mixed together that create that exotic, spicy and flavoursome taste. If you don’t mind the calories, why not try a creamy curry that will neutralise the spicy and give you that rich creamy goodness, such as Masala, Pasanda and Korma.

Alternatively, healthier options can include:
-Chicken Biryani is a very good choice, and if you want to go the extra mile, you can request for the egg to be removed
(730 calories, 24g fat).

-If you’re adamant you need a curry, the best options are Chicken Jalfrezi and Madras for a balanced meal (try to swap the Pilau rice for boiled rice for fewer calories, if you’re into that).

– If you’re serious about it, the absolute best choice for you would be Tandoori Chicken with half a Naan bread or half portion of boiled rice (for those of you that are serious about gains).

3.     Chinese takeaway
Among one of the most popular cuisines in Britain, Chinese cuisine reigns at the top of the list. Although there’s a notion that Chinese food is often unhealthy, traditional Chinese cuisine would beg to differ. Nonetheless, Chinese cuisine can vary depending on the nature of the restaurant and the menu it provides, but luckily for you, there are a few tricks you can implement to ensure that you’re cutting down the calories as much as possible:

-A good choice would be Chicken Chow Mein (860 calories, 30g fat), as chicken provides good source of protein with minimal amount of fat.

-The ultimate best choice would be Szechuan prawns (589 calories, 14g fat) with either vegetables or half a portion of steamed rice.

– Preferably lean meat, a quality Chop Suey containing chicken would also be highly beneficial for those of you trying not to consume highly fatty foods.

-If you’re a sides person, I’d recommend ordering an additional crab and corn soup, steamed dumplings, fish, or vegetables.

   4.  Italian takeaway
For my fellow pizza and pasta lovers, this one is for you. I myself enjoy devouring a pizza all to myself, but sometimes, it’s refreshing to take a healthier route and we’ll help you decide which ones are better, so rest assured. Firstly, if you can, try to avoid highly caloric foods like garlic bread (I know, I know), creamy pasta sauces, and deep-pan or stuffed crust pizza bases.

Alternatively, you can swap those aforementioned with:
       – Hawaiian Pizza (772 calories, 26g fat): although the pineapple on pizza debate is best to be avoided, this pizza is actually one of the more healthier meat-included pizzas out there! Dig in, then.

–  Best choice of pizza, however, would be tuna, anchovies and olive pizza (403 calories, 15g fat) preferably with a thin-crust pizza base for a crunchy finish. Yum.

5. Chippy (Fish and Chips)
It’s not Friday yet, but we’ll still mention the beloved, infamous fish and chips. With countless places to choose from, you can choose a restaurant that best suits your dietary needs.

With this, we’ll recommend the following:
– Chips are life, but they’re not always the healthiest option. Worry not, swap those chips with potato scallops (if you’re feeling bougie, that is)

– An extra step would be to discard the soggy bits from the batter (contains the most amount of oil)

Side person, is that you? If you’re craving a vegetable alternative, try switching to mushy peas instead if you’re really trying (not as exciting as chips but, we’ll allow it).

– Foods to avoid in this type of cuisine would be steak and kidney pies (I know, I’m sorry too).

There you have it. These are simple ‘tricks’ to cut down on the unnecessary high caloric food without compromising your favourite takeaway because, after all, you’re not going to order a salad.
Nonetheless, dietary requirements are something that we at AllEat take very seriously in and pride ourselves in so rest assured that whatever food you order from us will arrive the way you ordered it.

Yep, we got you.

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