Diversity found in Food

Londoners have a very curious palate – as a city and the capital of England, London has experienced exponential changes throughout the centuries, in every sense of the word. Culturally speaking, London now boasts 270 nationalities, with 300 different languages being spoken. Through years and years of constant change, London has evolved to be a city that has a history of welcoming foreigners from abroad, and making the small yet lively capital,
everyone’s new home.

With that, there’s been an influx not only of people from countless other countries, but also food from abroad – Different cooking methods and techniques, ingredients, and refinement of traditional homemade recipes throughout different generations. Consequently, this has meant that, with such a rich diversity across London, finding any type of cuisine – even previously unheard of ones – is no longer impossible. London truly caters for the world, from traditional cuisines to innovative cuisines that integrate traditional and modern innovative techniques that produce flavours nowhere to be found apart from London.

As a result, London is a capital that reflects a modern society where its social fabric largely depends on the rich diverse cultures all integrated together in a cohesive manner, with people from all over the world bringing a piece of their home to London.

At AllEat, we strive to reflect the rich diversity that London has to offer with discounts up to 50% off, making it possible for finding a specific cuisine a little bit easier and more accessible, helping to bring a little piece of home to London.

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