AllEat Special: British Wine Week

For the upcoming month, the team here at AllEatApp are obviously excited to celebrate English Wine Week on May 25th.

 Here are the best foods that will act as the best accompaniment to specific types of wine, so let us guide you to the perfect meal (obviously involving wine):

 1. Sauvignon Blanc    
This crisp yet light white wine with citrusy undertones is the perfect drink with dishes that are full of flavour, often bringing out the herbs in a dish. Sauvignon pairs particularly well with poultry such as chicken, beef and pork, and seafood including scallops, fatty white fish, oysters, and sushi (don’t forget the wasabi on this one for some serious heat if you’re up for it).

2. Chardonnay
Chardonnay can come in different forms, so with that being said, you’ll have to pair it correctly with the right food. Nonetheless, as it’s a decadent wine with sensual body, in which its acidity makes it perfect to cut that richness from cream dishes. Poultry that goes well with this wine includes veal, chicken and pork, whilst for seafood it pairs well with crab, lobster, shrimp and specifically, halibut.

3. Riesling
Often very minimally sweet, with an adequate balance of acidity and sweetness, makes for a very food-friendly option – easy. In terms of poultry, it goes well with smoked sausage and duck breast, whilst for seafood includes sea bass and trout; Additionally, if you enjoy the occasional spice, this wine makes a perfect accompaniment to fiery dishes like Thai food.

4. Merlot
Often encompassed with juniper and mint undertones, this wine make a perfect pair with meats including grilled meats and steak, and seafood such as grilled fish and tuna. If you feel like ordering an authentic Italian Ragu (Bolognese), this wine would be highly recommended.

5. Cabernet Sauvignon
This full-bodied dry wine is perfect for meat. So whip that rib eye steak out for the perfect accompaniment. Also goes well with venison and beef stew, as the oak and tobacco undertones (smoky) are perfect for meat dishes. It also goes well with seafood, more specifically, grilled Ahi tuna. And if you fancy a sweet ending, you should go for that bittersweet chocolate – go on, treat yourself.

In celebration of British Wine Week starting on May 25th, this list should give you an insight as to what food pairs best with what wine. And better yet, if you’re already celebrating, why not do it right with a naughty takeaway with us at AllEat?

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